Thursday, January 7, 2010


Having a bit of a natural attraction towards eco-friendly products and sites that promote conscious decision making, I found a bit on this site called ecouterre about an artist by the name of Bela Borsodi. He uses clothing in the same way we all do but also folds them into pieces of art. The smart element to his work is that once the piece is photographed, displayed, or simple enjoyed, it can easily be taken from its crumpled lump, ironed if he so pleases, and placed back into the drawer with no waste. This is the kind of smart art kinda gives me a warm fuzzy feelin'.


This pic also peeked my interest. It was part of a "Project White T-Shirt" put on by Triple-Major Studio, and this design was one of 7 shown on the "Ecouterre" site. I'm not sure if those are marshmallows on there, but if so I hope there vegan!

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