Saturday, May 22, 2010

Death plays chess

Created for a series of photography, this laser cut cape represents the personification of death in Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (1957). This project consists of re-creating famous Bergman scenes with a contemporary eye / approach.
*Laser cut Plexiglas, rubber, plastic, and vinyl.


*Silkscreen on Vinyl

I like exploring the notion of repetition, and multiples. Time, action, space, and object can be created or re-created as a repetitive pattern. Only by repetition does a certain action and the realities it symbolizes become more enjoyable, and hence efficacious. By standardization or multiplication of images, (Compulsion to repeat), the experience can be translated as pleasure (positive affective experience).

My goal was to capture the beauty in repetition and the idea of multiples. By using different colors and materials such as vinyl, I printed a series of human organs. Kaleidoscopes always fascinated me as visual experience. Mirrors were use for diffusion of images creating reflection. I will also look at the notion of defect, or where certain out of place objects are placed in a group of similar ones.