Sunday, June 20, 2010


I guess this post is kinda unrelated to this fashion/art realm but it was good creative boost for me on a morning when boredom was naggin' on me hard. I bought a new deck for go skateboarding day,(June 21st Monday), but did not really dig the graphics so I took it upon myself to make sure this purchase was not a mistake. After opening all the windows, I figured out a simple design, and then spray painted over the old graphic , made a stencil(cutting out with an exacto), and spraying on the choosen design on the newly dried deck. After a coat of clear gloss and some drying time, volia, a boring morning turns into a productive one, and a not so desirable graphic turns into something more close to the heart....hope this helps you to do something simple and creative on a slow day to keep the mood happy....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The new X-Ray Pin-Up calendar 2010

Navigating through new blogs, I came across this post about a very interesting art / calendar project from Germany.

Advertising Agency: Butter, Berlin/Duesseldorf, Germany
Creative Director: Matthias Eickmeyer
Art Director: Nadine Schlichte
Illustrator/CGI: Carsten Mainz
Copywriter: Reinhard Henke