Sunday, June 20, 2010


I guess this post is kinda unrelated to this fashion/art realm but it was good creative boost for me on a morning when boredom was naggin' on me hard. I bought a new deck for go skateboarding day,(June 21st Monday), but did not really dig the graphics so I took it upon myself to make sure this purchase was not a mistake. After opening all the windows, I figured out a simple design, and then spray painted over the old graphic , made a stencil(cutting out with an exacto), and spraying on the choosen design on the newly dried deck. After a coat of clear gloss and some drying time, volia, a boring morning turns into a productive one, and a not so desirable graphic turns into something more close to the heart....hope this helps you to do something simple and creative on a slow day to keep the mood happy....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The new X-Ray Pin-Up calendar 2010

Navigating through new blogs, I came across this post about a very interesting art / calendar project from Germany.

Advertising Agency: Butter, Berlin/Duesseldorf, Germany
Creative Director: Matthias Eickmeyer
Art Director: Nadine Schlichte
Illustrator/CGI: Carsten Mainz
Copywriter: Reinhard Henke

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Death plays chess

Created for a series of photography, this laser cut cape represents the personification of death in Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (1957). This project consists of re-creating famous Bergman scenes with a contemporary eye / approach.
*Laser cut Plexiglas, rubber, plastic, and vinyl.


*Silkscreen on Vinyl

I like exploring the notion of repetition, and multiples. Time, action, space, and object can be created or re-created as a repetitive pattern. Only by repetition does a certain action and the realities it symbolizes become more enjoyable, and hence efficacious. By standardization or multiplication of images, (Compulsion to repeat), the experience can be translated as pleasure (positive affective experience).

My goal was to capture the beauty in repetition and the idea of multiples. By using different colors and materials such as vinyl, I printed a series of human organs. Kaleidoscopes always fascinated me as visual experience. Mirrors were use for diffusion of images creating reflection. I will also look at the notion of defect, or where certain out of place objects are placed in a group of similar ones.

Friday, April 16, 2010

3D Printmaking Art installation.

I explored different materials by using powder 3D Rapid prototyping. In the Maya program, I virtually created zippers, buttons and care labels. I was interested in being part of the making from its very first origin. By producing objects of mass-production with your own hands, the maker experiences the process and gain a closer connection to the finished product. The transparency of the vinyl and the delicateness of the silk chiffon also illustrate the opposition in material. We do not think about the materiality of a zipper, care labels or buttons as per they feel and are made in similar matters. By being involved in the process, the creator has control over every single aspect of the product, which I am interested in.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, the Holiday season has passed once again and now its time to shake off the lazy afternoons of cookie face stuffing, and get back to business. Unfortunately, I am not yet practicing what I preach so I am on the look out for some inspiration in order to get the process started.
I came across this article, that was simple and playful enough to catch my attention. Interior designer Nata Janberidze of ROOMS (Tbilisi, Georgia), has collaborated with fashion designers to create works that really mix the pot of Fashion and interior design. The result is furniture dressed to kill.


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Having a bit of a natural attraction towards eco-friendly products and sites that promote conscious decision making, I found a bit on this site called ecouterre about an artist by the name of Bela Borsodi. He uses clothing in the same way we all do but also folds them into pieces of art. The smart element to his work is that once the piece is photographed, displayed, or simple enjoyed, it can easily be taken from its crumpled lump, ironed if he so pleases, and placed back into the drawer with no waste. This is the kind of smart art kinda gives me a warm fuzzy feelin'.


This pic also peeked my interest. It was part of a "Project White T-Shirt" put on by Triple-Major Studio, and this design was one of 7 shown on the "Ecouterre" site. I'm not sure if those are marshmallows on there, but if so I hope there vegan!